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Golf-Cart Battery Maintenance
Golf Cart Batteries typically last 4 to 5 years if properly maintained.
The following maintenance steps will prolong a golf cart batteries life drastically.
  1. Check water level of each cell periodically.
    1. The lead plates in each cell should be covered by water.
    2. When adding water, use only distilled water.
    3. State of Charge of the cells should be checked with a Hydrometer.
  2. Check tightness of nuts on battery posts periodically.
    1. Cables that are not tightened down properly can create heat.
    2. This heat can often times be sufficient enough to melt the lead posts.
    3. Loose cables are a serious hazard, as they create sparks, which can cause an explosion.
  3. Keep Terminals clean of corrosion.
    1. Corrosion will normally be white or green, and appear around your battery terminals.
    2. Use our Battery Cleaner Spray or a mixture of water and baking soda to remove corrosion.
    3. Dull terminal connections can also create problems, we recommend the use of a wire brush to create that shiny, great connection.
  4. Incorrect charging methods may also reduce the life of your batteries.
    1. Heat is produced internally in the battery when being charged, if a battery is charged too long, this heat can be detrimental to the batteries health.
    2. It is ok to leave your batteries on charge overnight, but not while you are on a week vacation.
    3. Driving a golf cart to the end of the driveway and back does not merrit an overnight charge. Golf Cart batteries should be discharged to half capacity before recharging.
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