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Cordless Drill Batteries
What? Can't finish the Job?

Screw Harder and Longer with our rebuilt battery packs!

Most OEM battery packs come with low amp, 1300 to 1500 mAh Sub C's
We use only the highest grade Sub C's in our rebuilt packs which are 2200 mAh per cell.
We can take your existing Battery Pack and replace the old batteries with NEW 2200mAh batteries. Your new battery packs charge can last up to 30% longer! Which means less down time, so you can drill and screw more!
Your existing drill pack must have screws so that it can be taken apart, simpy mail it to:
Bohannon Battery Dist.
611 N. Palm Ave.
Palatka, Fl. 32177
Please include your name and phone number in the package.

Once we receive the pack, the cells will be replaced, and then we pay for shipping it back to you anywhere in the continental United States.
The battery rebuild can be paid for online, using the shopping cart below, or we can take a credit card over the phone once we receive the pack. Turn around time is approximately 10 days.
24 VoltAny$79.00
18 VoltAny$69.00
14.4 VoltAny$55.00
12 VoltAny$48.00
9.6 VoltAny$43.00
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