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We are paying up to $12 dollars for junk batteries! Batteries must be brought to our Palatka Florida location! Call for a list of batteries we buy!


I-phone and I-pod Repair

We repair Iphone 3G, 3Gs, 4, and 4S. As well as the Ipod touch. Have a broken screen, speaker, microphone, or charger port? These are all things we can repair! Repairs are done in house and typically take 30 minutes to an hour. Get your phone back the same day! (If brought into our store)


Did you know?

We recycle Laptop, Cell Phone, Cordless Phone, and Video camera batteries.
Dont Trash them, Recycle them!

Mail them to us at 611 North Palm Ave Palatka, Fl 32177

We also carry a full line of NEW Laptop, Cell Phone, Cordless Phone, and Video Camera batteries, so call us at 386-328-9024 to place an order Today!

Now is the Perfect time to Recycle Junk Car Batteries!

Go Green and Make Green!

We pay up to $9.00 for junk Car, Truck, Boat, and Golf Cart Batteries! These batteries must be dropped off at our Palatka, Florida location!


Grand Prize Winner of the Trojan Battery Photo Contest

The batteries in the photo were installed by Green Empowerment, a USA-based non-profit, and their partner, AsoFenix, a non-governmental organization based in Nicaragua. The batteries are being used in a 1 kW wind turbine/500 Watt solar panel hybrid project, supplying five houses in the rural community of El Roblar, Nicaragua with electricity for the first time. El Roblar is not accessible by road, so all of the project materials, including each of the four 118-pound Trojan batteries, had to be carried one-hour up into the mountains. This photo was taken at the end of October, 2011 when a group of people and horses carried the last of the materials up the hill. Due to weather conditions and the remoteness of the community, the project was not complete until the first week of December, 2011. The total hybrid system includes a 1kW wind turbine, 400W of photovoltaic modules and four Trojan L16RE-B deep-cycle batteries. The four batteries are 6V each and were connected in series for a 24-Volt system.

When batteries have to be carried one hour up into the mountains, you chose a battery you can trust, which is Trojan.


Have a fun, exciting, and safe Holiday season! Deliveries may be delayed by 2 to 3 days due to high shipping volumes for the Holiday season!

Thank you all for using us as your Battery Supplier!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!


Its time to Hunt! We have AA and 1/2 AA 3.6 Volt Lithium Tracking collar batteries available!

We have the TRX-1000 tracking box available!

We have the AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium available for most Garmin GPS devices.

Click the picture above or click here!



Its raining, pouring, thunder and lightning, the lights flicker, and go out. Its a good thing that generator has a Bohannon Battery. We carry the Group 26 batteries for Generac Generators as well as the 12 Volt 18AH SLA that fits many other generators. Don't forget to stock up on Alkalines(AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) for flashlights. Need a flashlight? Come see us! We carry Surefire and Rayovac flashlights.

The large Generac Generator above, located at a local state agency, just had its batteries replaced by Bohannon Batteries. When you need a quality battery from a company you can trust, come see Bohannon Battery!


Curtis sitting on a modified Go-cart powered by a Bohannon Battery.


Robert P., standing next to Kathy, was our 24th customer on July 1st and won a George Foreman electric grill and 2 bottles of Stagecoach Barbecue sauce. The Stagecoach sauce is made right here in Palatka by T.L. Geck. Congratulations Robert!


A recent battery install using Trojan T-105, and our custom made battery cables. These were wired together in Series-Parallel for a 12 Volt 675 Amp Hour Battery Bank.
We used 2/0 Battery cable and 3/8 magnalugs for the cables, and heatshrink to protect the joints from corrosion.


Tim Wells Mud Truck, powered by a Bohannon Battery.


This is popularly known as "The Time Machine." One of our Deka ETX16 batteries starts the engine. "Turns in this thing should not be made too sharp, since there are no seat belts" says Frank.


Bike week is upon us! Spring will be here soon! Its time to break out the Motorcycles, ATV's, and Jet Skiis! Need a new battery? We have them! Ready to ship, anywhere in the Continental United States with FREE shipping, and delivery within 2 business days in most cases.

Need help looking up your battery? Call us at 386-328-9024 between 8AM and 5PM eastern time, Monday through Friday, or 8AM to 2PM Saturday.


I have gotten word from many of you that the Calendars have arrived. So it looks like there was a short delay, but they still made it.

We just renovated the ATV battery section layout, so please check it out if you have an ATV.


We sent out Calendars to all of our online customers from 2010, however, they seem to of gotten lost in the mail. We are currently working with USPS to try and figure out where they are, and get them out as soon as possible.


From Bohannon Battery we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Our Laptop Battery section has been completely renovated. Click HERE to check it out.

We have also added more APC/UPS Backup Batteries & House Alarm Batteries which can be found HERE.


We are currently updating the Layout of the website. The Cell Phone, Cordless Phone, and Portable Radio Section have been completely redone and updated with newer models.


**Added TRX-1000 Tracking Box Battery AA 3.6V and 1/2AA 3.6V @ $4.00 each with FREE shipping! Fits Wildlife Tracking Collars & Most others Click the picture above or click here!


In the past we have sent out coupons for 2 FREE AA 3.6V with the next purchase of 10 AA 3.6V. For the month of August 2009, no coupon is needed. When 10 AA 3.6V Tracking Collar batteries are ordered, we will automatically send 2 FREE! Thats an $8.00 value! Click here for the special!


Check out our SUMMER SPECIAL on the YTX16CL-B, fits many Sea-Doo, Jet Ski, Polaris, and Yamaha! Click here for the special!


Web Special on ALL Cellular telephone batteries we offer! Click here to find your cell phone battery!


AA 3.6V and 1/2AA 3.6V @ $4.00 each with FREE shipping! Fits Wildlife Tracking Collars & Most others Click the picture above or click here!


New Page Layout! More updates to follow! Click here for our products page!